MVP Adjuvants® - Safe & Effective

We do the homogenization for you so you don’t have to!

No special temperature or mixing requirements when adding MVP adjuvants products to your antigens – user friendly – antigen friendly

Our MVP adjuvant products have been available since 1981. Our roots are as a vaccine manufacturing company but, because good adjuvants are critical for the development of effective vaccines, we have developed extensive adjuvant formulation expertise. Vaccine manufacturers throughout the world became interested in our adjuvants, and soon we were selling our EMULSIGEN® family of adjuvants in forty-five countries and six continents. Since that time, our EMULSIGEN family of adjuvants has been expanded by adding immunostimulants and polymers to produce new and improved adjuvants.

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Technical Guide: The simple process of using MVP adjuvants to make a vaccine

Our MVP adjuvants products deliver Optimum Scientific and Marketing Advantages such as:

  • No animal origin ingredients
  • Ease of antigen mixing
  • Outstanding syringeability
  • Emulsion components on at least one of the following lists: Annex II, GRAS lists, EC No 470/2009 or EU No 37/2010
  • Broad product selection
  • Excellent animal safety profile
  • Comprehensive quality control testing
  • Extensive use in veterinary vaccines
  • Custom formulation and manufacturing
  • Adjuvants for mucosal delivery
  • Adjuvants for stabilization