Technical Bulletins

MVP Adjuvants® Products Technical Bulletins

Adjuvant Name Adjuvant Description
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Carbigen® Oil-in-Water Emulsified Adjuvant
Emulsigen® Oil-in-Water Emulsified Adjuvant
Emulsigen®-D Emulsigen® base with DDA immunostimulant
Emulsigen® - DL90 Emulsified Oil-in-Water Adjuvant + Immunostimulant
Emulsigen®-P Emulsigen® base with co-polymer immunostimulant
Emulsigen®-BCL Emulsigen® base with block co-polymer immunostimulant
Emulsimune® Custom designed for fish vaccines
Polygen® Co-polymer base

Adjuvant Information

MVP adjuvants® 35 Year History, Proven Safety and Effectiveness, Free of Animal Origin Ingredients, Pre-sterilized for Convenient Use, Discover the Difference!
Adjuvants by Species MVP Adjuvant Brands by Species.

Adjuvant References

Title Description
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Adjuvant Comparison Comparison of Adjuvants For Stimulation of HI Antibody to SIV
B.C. Lin, 2006 Ability of adjuvants to enhance the systemic antibody responses against H1N1 and H3N2 swine influenza viruses
FMD Vaccine Comparisons Enhanced Immune Responses of FMD.