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Ask our Scientists About Adjuvants, Immunostimulators and Formulation Technology.

MVP adjuvants products are of two basic types: 1) oil-in-water; and 2) polymer, which are macromolecules, composed of many repeated subunits. All can be manufactured free of ingredients of animal origin. In addition, all ingredients have been approved for vaccine production by USDA. Our adjuvants are added to vaccine antigens at low concentrations (1-20%) and are, therefore, very cost-effective. In many cases, because of their capability to stimulate both humoral and cell mediated immune responses, reduced amounts of antigens can be used - increasing profitability of the final vaccines. Historical use and data indicate that our adjuvants are at least as effective as water-in-oil adjuvants or water-in-oil-in-water adjuvants with a more desirable safety profile.

MVP adjuvants products:

  • Are simple to use requiring no specialized equipment or temperature control
  • Are easily scalable from small research batches to large production lots
  • Have been developing and producing adjuvants for animal health vaccines for over 35 years
  • Are incorporated into animal health vaccines sold throughout the world in 45 countries and 6 continents!
  • Are of relatively small particle size which contributes to their safety in many species of animals while maintaining a strong immune response
  • Have been reported to be effective in relatively low concentrations (1-20%), and can also reduce the amount of antigen required to result in a strong immune response
  • Have shown that a reduction in antigen amount per dose will often give an equal to or greater response than high levels of antigen which can significantly improve profitability of a vaccine

Our scientists are experienced in the production of oil-in-water emulsions with and without immunostimulators and polymer and co-polymer adjuvants using the most modern technologies. Our state-of-the-art technology has allowed the company to offer adjuvants that do not contain animal origin ingredients.

All MVP adjuvants® products available for retail sale are Free of Animal Origin Ingredients

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